Medical Certificates

Information About Sick Notes:

As part of NHS general medical services, doctors provide medical statements to their patients free of charge.

In the first seven days of any illness

During this time you can self-certify that you are ill, using a form from your employer or form SC2 from the Inland Revenue.

If you are still ill after 7 days

If you are unable to carry out your usual occupation, we can sign a white form called a MED 3. However you need to have a clinical consultation in order to sign this certificate. This may be in person or by telephone. This note covers you for 2 weeks in the first instance but subsequent notes can be for longer.

Claiming Incapacity Benefit

After a longer period of illness we can sign a green form called a MED 4. This is normally requested by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). This can either cover you for a specific length of time or until an agreed date. Sometimes the Benefits Agency asks whether you are fit to travel for 90 minutes by public transport to an examination centre. The doctor can use the MED 4 to give this information.

If a Carer becomes ill

If someone who has caring responsibility, for example the mother of young children, becomes ill, we can sign a sick note for another member of the household to take time off work to care for the dependants. We must include on the note the name of the sick person and the nature of their illness.


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