Non NHS & Private Fees


These services are only provided for those patients who are registered with Sky Blue Medical Group.

NB FEES: These are our current fees; some are a sliding scale dependent on work involved. The practice will try where possible dependant on demand to complete these requests in a timely manner, this is normally within 2 - 3 working weeks from request received.

Most fees are payable by Insurance Companies or employers and NOT the patient:


PMA Fees

Correct as of 15th January 2020

Please remember that these fees take into account the time and responsibility that the doctor takes in completing them. Please allow up to 2/3 weeks for certain forms and reports to be completed.

Unfortunately, in line with Local Medical Committee (LMC) Guidance, due to an increase in workload and lack of resources our GPs are no longer able to:

  • Provide jurors with a certificate to excuse from jury service. The Court deal with this. There have been cases where a GP has been called to attend Court to explain a certificate issued excusing a patient from attending Court.
  • Support applications for concessionary bus passes.
  • Complete forms for Blue Badge applications
  • Sign or verify passport applications
  • Provide certificates to explain short term absence from a court appearance, attendance centres, community service or probation. Ask your Solicitor or Probation Officer to make a formal request directly to your GP with your signed, informed consent.
  • Write "To Whom it May Concern" letters supporting applications for a move of house on medical grounds. Social Services, Coventry City Council or the Housing Association should write directly to your GP with your signed, informed consent if they want this information.
  • Give certificates for fitness to attend exercise programmes. If your fitness centre demands this then they should write directly to your GP with your signed, informed consent.
  • Give authority for staff at schools to administer drugs to children over whom we have no control. Your own word should be adequate. If organisations want written authorisation then they should write directly to your GP with your parental signed, informed consent.
  • Sign Shotgun Licence Certificates. Seek advice from your Professional Group/Club.

Fee-paying Foreign Visitors:

Any visitor from abroad who is here on holiday, whether or not they have previously been a UK resident, must pay for routine medical care (unless covered by the reciprocal agreement for European Economic Area patients). They will be given a receipt and the cost is reclaimable on the patient’s travel insurance when they return home.

If treatment is sought for a condition that needs prompt attention and the condition has arisen since arrival in the UK the treatment may be considered as immediately necessary and if the patient is from the European Economic Area, or some others, there is no charge.

If the treatment at a GP surgery or hospital is considered by the healthcare professional to be an emergency then the treatment is free.

For all other issues see documents from Dept of Health website

Please click on the link below to upload the SAR form.

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