Self Care Advice

doctor and patient talkingWhen you talk to your GP or nurse about your condition, you may want to discuss some of the things you need to do to stay well. Some of these will be things that you do yourself, such as eating healthily, exercising, or taking your medicines at the right time.

You might want to make choices about your care and who will provide it. This means sitting down with your nurse or GP and looking at what treatment and care is available and recording it in a care plan.

Self care doesn’t mean you need to manage on your own. You can expect lots of support from the NHS, including:

  • healthy lifestyle support: helping you improve your diet and exercise regime
  • information: advice about your condition and its treatment
  • training: helping you feel more confident about living with your condition
  • tools and equipment: making life easier at home
  • support networks: help with finding people to share your experiences with

Resource links is a trusted medical information and support website. The website provides the same information as provided by GPs and nurses’ to patients during consultations, health/ disease leaflets, patient support organisations and tells you all you need to know about medicines. Information available on all health topics, medicines and even healthy recipes and fitness tips. Please use as guidance only and not to diagnose. Always seek medical attention in case of emergencies.


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