Teaching and training medical students and GP Registrars is an integral part of our primary care team. Medical students from Warwick Medical School are placed with us regularly for training. Dr Mustofa Arshad takes the lead in educational support for the medical students.

We have been a GP training practice for several years now and are about to increase our GP registrars placed with us for training, to two registrars. Dr Mustofa Arshad is the main trainer offering support and regular supervision to the Registrars. If you are a trainee, and interested in having a placement with us, kindly contact our practice manager to arrange an informal meeting with one of our trainers.

We recently supported Warwick Medical School and have students at our practice. Here is what they had to say about us:-

“When given our own room, the consultations were very helpful. Feedback has been good and the GPs are all very friendly. Being given the opportunity to decide what was useful to do with our time with some slots that were not filled was great. We got more out of observation sessions with GPs who engaged us through asking a lot of questions and testing knowledge.”

“The GP placement has been a valuable learning experience. It has allowed me to become more confident in recognising when patients are coming in with minor conditions and don't necessarily need anything more than reassurance and guidance. Days varied in quality, in part based on the random nature of patient problems but also the levels of autonomy given to us as medical students. Simply observing for a morning or afternoon can be incredibly draining and often allows very little opportunity for growth and development. Despite these certain doctors managed to make observing sessions more engaging by questioning and raising discussions around topics as they arose. The best opportunities were when we are allowed a room on our own in order to take charge of the consultations, running the history and examinations before feeding back to the GP and discussing the management together before feeding the plan back to the patient.

Furthermore the practice was flexible in that when an afternoon would be more productively spent studying in the staff room in order to academically address the learning objectives within the block they were amenable to that which allowed for a greater level of balance. Furthermore, I think that the structure of being assigned a different GP each week worked to increase the level of variety found within the placement”


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