Your Results

You can request feedback about your results via EMIS ACCESS. The secure email is answered by a GP, and this usually works well as reassurance for normal results. However, if matters are not straightforward you will be advised to make an appointment with the GP who ordered the test or a Nurse, and the level of urgency required.

To help us contact you regarding your results, it is important that your electronic medical records are kept up-to-date. Please complete a ‘New and Existing Patient Health Questionnnaire’ at the surgery.

Blood tests

Usually your doctor receives these results within 4 days and will have made arrangements to inform you of any action needed. Some specialist blood tests may take longer to come back. We do not routinely inform you of normal results. If results are abnormal and urgent action is required we will telephone you, or if less urgent will send you a letter advising you to make an appointment or telephone call with a doctor or nurse. We ask patients to ring for their results. (The phone lines are very busy in the morning dealing with the days “urgent calls and requests”)

The receptionist will be able tell you what you need to do once you have the result, this action being clearly recorded in your notes by the doctor who read your results. You may not need to see a doctor, but on occasions you will be asked to see either a doctor or a nurse. The receptionists are not permitted to engage in a clinical discussion, so please do not press them with inappropriate questions. We appreciate your anxieties with regard to results but the doctor is the best person to discuss them with and plan any necessary treatments.

Please ensure that you ring for your own results as we are not able to give your results to anyone else.


We normally receive x-ray reports within 10-14 days, and your doctor will have asked you to return for a follow-up appointment to discuss any action required.

Cervical Smears

Smear test results take 6-8 weeks on average and are posted out to patients.

Urine tests

Urine specimen results may be ready after 4 days but some tests may take longer to come back. You are only contacted if a change of treatment is required.


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